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High school speech

The instructions for the project were:

Write a 500 word essay on: Who do you think is the voice of my generation (High School graduating Class of 2009) and what message does he or she express? Do you agree with the message? Why or why not?

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When it comes to locating one individual as the voice of my generation, the task is only made difficult with the idea that whatever ‘voice’ could be selected, there are far too many voices that would be raised in opposition. A voice, which could represent the interests of an entire generation, may have been possible in the past where dissent was limited but in this time and age, there are as many voices as there are individuals. In essence, this simply means that the voice of my generation becomes a muddled noise in which every voice is equally important and every voice tries to drown out the other.

Considering the number of voices we hear, anything from a comment on the blog of a political analyst to a report filed by a journalist from Gaza can be considered the voice of the generation. The internet, new media, and news channels that operate 24/7 all give their voice and add to what collective consciousness. The liberal viewpoint, the conservative agenda, the doves and the hawks will all give their opinions and the one which is most attractive to the person listening will become the voice for him/her. In essence, I can find no single voice to represent my own ideas or the ideas of my generation.

The fundamental reason for this seems to be the diversity and the variety of opinions and voices that are available to us. Instead of one source of information we have a variety of sources that give us information that may even have dubious credibility. However, this does not take away from the fact that having a variety of sources is a positive thing since it also allows us to share our own voice. Anyone who has a modern computer and a connection to the internet can add their own two cents to the market of ideas, debates and political thought and since they are a relevant part of the generation, they can technically be called the voice of their generation.

Even when it comes to accepting a single individual, selecting such a person may come with the question of why not someone else? Who gives an individual the right or even the responsibility to speak for me? There may be a voice of the government but that becomes the elected, official and often apologetic voice that seeks to explain away failures and mistakes not made by my generation. Even though it may be a stretch but since the American government is for the people, by the people and of the people, it can be considered the voice of my generation. The simplest message given by this voice is quite clear i.e. we have to trust the government to do the right thing and whatever they are doing is quite simply the best possible thing to do under the circumstances.

Undoubtedly, it is easy to speak against this voice simply because the government appears to be working with the ideals of expediency and short term results rather than taking unpopular decisions that will eventually be beneficial for the people. While the elected voice of the generation tells me that whatever it does is right, the reality of the situation is quite different simply because we have an economic crisis on our hands, unnecessary wars around the world and a worsening American international position. Therefore, it becomes easy to not only disagree with the voice of the generation but also to change the voice and allow someone else to do the speaking. It can be sincerely hoped that this is the path which will be taken by the voice of the next generation.

Other Details about the Project/Assignment
Subjects: Basic English Essays and Report Writing
Topic: The voice of my generation
Level: High School

High school, speech

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Project Details
Subjects: Basic English Essays and Report Writing
Topic: The voice of my generation
Level: High School

High school, speech

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