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Case Study Analysis on EasyCar Europe and the UK

This is a case study on EasyCar with a eurocentric prespective. The following steps were applied in the analysis:

Step 1: Problem Definition
Step 2: Justification for Problem Definition
Step 3: SWOT analysis and Porters 5 Forces
Step 4: Listing of Alternative Courses of Action
Step 5: Evaluating the Alternatives
Step 6: Conclusion/Recommendations
Step 7: Follow up

The specific instructions noted that:
You need to demonstrate your strategist's skills, critical thinking and professional style.
Add value: Uniqueness, creativity and examples.
Research focus: easyGroup companies, competition, future challenges.

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Problem Definition
In essence, the problems for easyCar have three aspects i.e. business, technological and legal. The solutions therefore, come from three sides. The business problems of size of the competition as well as easyCar's restricted locations make it difficult for the company to gain a sizeable market share. Their position as a car rental company makes it difficult in legal terms to present themselves as a transport services company and finally, their problems of car maintenance upkeep and fleet management can be given technical solutions.

Justification for Problem Definition
The immediate problems for the company are the legal problems which have cropped up with regard to their practices of posting pictures of those who keep cars longer than usual. Further, the size of the competition can be simply overwhelming as they are in a lot more places with a lot more cars to offer than easyCar. However, being small can be its own advantage since easyCar can move with agility to exploit markets where the larger car companies cannot. The problem of reduction of fleet costs and passing on the savings to the clients can be managed through the effective use of technology.

In terms of legal issues and from the data given in the case, it is clear that easyCar, “received public warnings from lawyers (Lawrence and Solis, 2004, Pg. 169)” that their policies could, “violate data protection, libel, privacy, confidentiality and human rights laws (Lawrence and Solis, 2004, Pg. 169)”. However, the policies of the company certainly showed results since the first person who had a picture on the company website returned the car within two days. Certainly, there are business benefits to be had but the impact of the policies could be severely negative for the image of the company as well as the legal situation of the firm.

The size of the competition creates its own issues since easyCar seems to have rental outlets in the tens while the competition such as Avis Europe, Europcar, Hertz etc have outlets in the thousands. Further, the difference in the number of cars is also tremendous since in 2002, Hertz had 700,000 cars while easyCar only had 7,000. The figures concerning European revenues also reflect the small size of the company since European revenue figures in 2002 for easyCar stood at €41 million while companies such as Europcar and Avis had revenues in excess of a billion dollars each.

While the company is quite good in terms of using technology to allow customers to access and rent cars in available locations through online bookings, call centers and other resources, it seems to lack the technical implementation tools which could let it track the cars, locate them and thus create better logistics for how the cars are supposed to be rented out and returned to the company. The company also realized that moving to a different car manufacturer than Mercedes-Benz could save them money and perhaps the same could be done further by moving to cars which are even cheaper to maintain.

Other Details about the Project/Assignment
Subjects: Business Management -> Case Study
Topic: Case Study on EasyCar Europe
Level: College / University

Case Study Analysis, EasyCar, Europe, UK

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Project Details
Subjects: Business Management -> Case Study
Topic: Case Study on EasyCar Europe
Level: College / University

Case Study Analysis, EasyCar, Europe, UK

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